return policy

1. The product will be returned unconditionally within seven days starting from the first day after receiving it.

2. The first day after receiving the goods will be counted. Returns will not be processed after seven days.

3. The return process must be completed in accordance with the standard return procedures of the website service provider (this refers to Shopify).

4. Return shipping costs are borne by the seller. If you apply for a return, the customer will no longer enjoy the free shipping policy for this order, and the shipping cost of the order will be deducted from the return payment.

5. Before returning the product, please ensure that the packaging is not damaged or incomplete and that no accessories are missing.

6. Refunds can only be made to the original payment method, and no cash refunds or private transaction refunds are allowed.

7. If the customer is no longer able to use the original payment method, please contact the bank or agent that provided the original payment method to collect the money after the refund is sent.

8. After receiving the returned goods, the seller will immediately enter the refund process after confirming that the goods, accessories and packaging are not artificially damaged.

9. In most cases, after the seller receives the customer's return, the customer will receive the refund within 3 working days.

10. The product you return must maintain the integrity of the product body, accessories, internal and external gifts, original packaging, and all accompanying documents or products. Do not miss any accessories or damage the original outer box.

11. Please package the returned goods in the original carton used for delivery. If the original carton is lost, please use other cartons to wrap the goods in addition to the original packaging. Do not paste stickers or write text directly on the original packaging if you want to return the product.

12. Promotional products sold for participating in any activities cannot be returned individually, and the set of products must be returned together.

13. If a member returns or exchanges goods in large quantities/frequently after ordering, the online flagship store may refuse the transaction or permanently cancel the member's membership as this has caused operational problems.

14. If the logistics fee charged because the original order amount does not meet the free shipping standard, the logistics fee of the original order will be deducted when returning the product for refund; if the product originally qualified for the full-price free shipping activity, but later failed to meet the activity standard due to return, please also kindly ask you. Return the full amount of gifts together.

15. If the return fails because the seller's return conditions are not met, the seller will resend the goods to the customer, and the shipping costs incurred during the return of the goods will be borne by the seller.


1. Credit card processing fees will not be refunded when issuing a refund.

2. If there is import tax or official tax paid on the original order, the customs duty and import tax on the refunded items will not be refunded.

3. If the customer uses a gift card plus other payment methods to complete the purchase, the refund amount will be refunded to the gift card first until the upper limit of the refundable amount of the gift card is reached. The remaining refund amount will be credited to the other payment method.

How to apply for return or exchange

Within seven days after receiving the goods, send a message to the chat box in the lower right corner of the website to inform us of the return or exchange process.

Customer service staff will reply through the chat box and E-mail, and after confirming the return or exchange request, please package the product completely and send it to:

Floor 6-9, No. 5, Wuquan 1st Road, New Taipei Industrial Park, Xinzhuang District, New Taipei City


Contact person: Mr. Zhang