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——Teacher Lu Xijun

Introduction by teacher Lu Xijun

Mr. Lu Xijun, who studied under the uncle Lu Lianghuan, Taiwan’s uncle who holds the highest male record in the world golf championship, Lu Xijun. He won three consecutive Asian Tour championships from 1979 to 1981, created numerous brilliant achievements, and stepped down to take up the post. The head coach of the Republic of China team, and then as the chairman of the Golf Association (PGA), pushed the Taiwan Tour to a higher level. After 1999, the Lu Xijun Golf Promotion Center was established to promote golf as a sport for all players. We will combine years of professional learning and practical experience with new foreign concepts to establish a teaching system that is most suitable for Chinese people, and provide relevant consultation on various majors and golf equipment to guide enthusiasts to build interest in golf and develop their own characteristics. Expertise.

1978 Turned professional
From 1979 to 1996, he competed in Asia, Japan, Europe and the United States. He won the Asian Tour championship four times and had a career low score of 63. He scored 6 holes-in-one in his career.

Chairman of the Professional Golf Association of the Republic of China Head coach of the Asian Games golf team of the Republic of China Golf Association of the Republic of China ABC level coaching training technical lecturer Ascension course training youth head coach

The head coach of the Lu Xijun Golf Promotion Center was promoted to the head coach of the youth golf program of the Yangtze Golf and Country Club.