One hand vs. two hands, how to wear golf gloves?

Wearing a hand: sensitivity & grip

In golf, most golfers only wear gloves on the club hand, while gloves are usually not used on the non-club hand. This is because the club hand requires more grip and anti-slip support, while the non-club hand's primary function is to assist in controlling balance and maintaining a grip on the club. Generally speaking, golf gloves are worn on the non-dominant hand (non-club hand). The club hand is usually your dominant hand, i.e. the right hand for right-handers and the left hand for left-handers.

  • If you are right-handed (right-handed): wear the glove with your left hand.
  • If you hold the club left-handed (left-handed): wear the glove on your right hand.

The purpose of wearing gloves on the grip hand is to provide additional grip and non-slip support because this hand is in direct contact with the grip, with the lead hand resting further on the handle than the lower hand, making it more susceptible to blisters and slippage during the swing. Wearing gloves can help prevent these problems and can also reduce tension and free up your hands. The lower hand rests more on the upper hand, and gloves are not necessary to maintain a good grip.

The non-grip hand (lower hand) is often left ungloved to ensure a more sensitive feel to the grip, which allows for better control of the force and direction of the grip.

Wear it on both hands : Protection & Consistency

Some golfers choose to wear two gloves, a practice known as "double-gloving." Advantages of wearing two gloves include:

  • Extra Grip and Non-Slip Support : Wearing gloves on both hands provides extra grip and non-slip support for both the gripping and non-gripping hands. This may help some golfers gain better grip control.
  • Consistent feel : Wearing two gloves creates a more consistent feel, making the grip feel more similar in both hands. This helps maintain consistent grip pressure and grip style.
  • Weather & Protection : In inclement weather, wearing two gloves can provide extra protection from rain or cold that affects the feel of your hands.

While some golfers prefer to wear gloves on both hands, this practice is not universal. Most pros and amateurs still choose to wear gloves only on the club hand. Wearing two gloves may affect the feel and sensitivity of the grip, so this approach is best for golfers who find this more comfortable and improves grip stability.