Are thinner gloves better?

Golf glove selection often comes down to personal preference and the golfer's grip needs. Thinner gloves generally provide better feel and sensitivity, allowing golfers to more easily feel subtle changes in their grip, which can help provide more accurate grip control.

However, the thickness of the glove is also related to the slip resistance and durability the glove provides. Thinner gloves may be less slip-resistant and may wear out more easily over extended use. Conversely, thicker gloves may offer better durability and slip resistance, but may reduce some feel.

A golfer's personal preference plays a key role in glove selection. Some golfers prefer thinner gloves because they value feel and sensitivity, while others may prefer thicker gloves because they value slip resistance and durability.

Your best bet is to try gloves of different thicknesses to see which feels better for your grip style and comfort level. At the same time, it is also important to pay attention to the quality and construction materials of the gloves to ensure their performance and durability.