Leather Battle: Can Synthetic Leather Gloves Really Replace Lambskin?

With the continuous innovation of synthetic leather manufacturing technology, the trend of synthetic leather replacing lambskin has emerged on the market in the past decade. However, many golfers who have used synthetic leather gloves have reported results and we can find that the evaluation is very two-level. Why are synthetic leather gloves on the rise? And why are the reviews polarized? Can synthetic leather really replace lambskin gloves as an alternative to lambskin? In this issue, we try to demystify the above issues.

Advantages of synthetic leather gloves PU

The rise of golf synthetic leather gloves can be said to be a product that combines technology and functionality. Traditional golf gloves usually use natural leather, but in recent years, technological advancements in synthetic leather materials have led people to look for more advanced solutions in golf gloves.

The synthetic leather material used in most golf synthetic leather gloves is synthetic polyurethane (PU), which can come in different thicknesses and textures to imitate the appearance and texture of natural leather. These synthetic materials are resistant to wear and tear. At the same time, the price is low, and it once became a good substitute for sheepskin gloves.

Why do synthetic leather gloves have polarizing reviews?

Good PU leather can indeed achieve the performance advantages of imitating genuine leather. However, the synthesis of PU is unstable. Synthetic materials such as PU are artificial materials. Therefore, factors such as synthesis formula, manufacturing process, quality control, and technology have a great impact on cost and quality. Wrong formula, manufacturing process, and storage conditions will have a great impact. Glove life.

1. Lifespan issue

The lifespan of general PU leather is between 1-5 years, while the lifespan of inferior PU may be less than one year. Most environmentally friendly synthetic materials have a fixed service life. After the service life is exceeded, the leather will gradually weather and erode. Consumers are often unable to determine how long the leather has been stored in the brand's warehouse or factory before getting it. Therefore, when choosing synthetic leather gloves, it is best to choose a brand with good sales volume and high market share in the local market. This product has a high turnover rate. It is not easy to buy products made of materials that are about to deteriorate.

Therefore, some consumers buy old stock goods, which causes the leather of the gloves to start to weather after a short period of use, and the leather is easily torn. In severe cases, leather crumbs will gradually begin to fall off. This is the main reason why synthetic leather has a bad reputation.

2. Production technical issues

Secondly, the leather synthesized by different formulas and production conditions also has differences in touch, hardness, elasticity and strength. Except for a small amount of synthetic leather used to make golf gloves, it is mainly used for the production of general bag products. Generally, bag products have lower requirements for leather than golf gloves. Therefore, it is difficult to achieve the expected good results if non-top-grade synthetic leather is used to produce golf gloves.

3. Summary

In view of the above reasons, the popularity of synthetic leather gloves has not yet replaced lambskin in the hearts of many senior golfers. In order to make this type of gloves have a better touch, manufacturers will splice lambskin where the palm contacts the club face to achieve the same level of touch as sheepskin. At the same time, the cost of the gloves can be controlled to provide consumers with more affordable prices and high quality. An excellent enough product. This may not be a good plan.

Features of synthetic leather gloves


  • Low Price: Synthetic leather is generally less expensive, providing a more affordable option.
  • Easy Care: Synthetic leather gloves are generally easy to clean and maintain and don’t require much special care.
  • Variety: Synthetic leather comes in a variety of colors and design options to suit different style needs.


  • Feel: Synthetic leather gloves generally don’t offer the same feel and sensitivity as lambskin gloves.
  • Breathability: Synthetic leather may not breathe as well as lambskin, which may cause sweaty or uncomfortable hands.
  • Texture: While synthetic leather has the advantage of being durable, it may not be as good as the texture and quality of natural leather in some aspects.
  • Quality control: Not every manufacturer produces synthetic leather that can meet good quality standards, and there are issues such as the length of inventory storage. Consumers need to choose more carefully.

GoPlayer synthetic leather products

Currently, there are two products in GoPlayer's glove series partially made of synthetic leather:

Both gloves use lambskin on the palm of the glove to improve the feel of use. At the same time, elastic fabric is wrapped around the finger joints to make the gloves fit the palm better and increase breathability.