Introduction to golf glove materials and types

Common golf gloves can be divided into several types according to their materials:

Top quality sheepskin gloves

  • lambskin gloves
  • Technical cloth gloves
  • Synthetic leather gloves
  • Traditional cloth gloves

In the following article, I will introduce the suitable use scenarios of various gloves, as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

Exploring the secrets of lambskin gloves: luxury, elegance, ultimate touch, the material grade is revealed!

The King of Materials: Technical Cloth: Golf Glove Material Revolution

Leather Battle: Can Synthetic Leather Gloves Really Replace Lambskin?

Timeless classics: the practical charm of traditional cloth gloves

The ultimate grip in the rain! A guide to gloves that embrace the elements

It can be roughly subdivided according to function as follows:

  • Elastic gloves
  • rainy day gloves
  • Dispensing gloves
  • fingerless gloves
  • breathable gloves

Other special specifications are not described in detail here.